Chocolate Massage

Chocolate Massage in Kharadi Pune

Details - Chocolate Massage

Have you tried going to spas and massage centers? Have you tried giving different parts of your body a chocolate massage? Massage is one way of alleviating pain, relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves after long hours of work at the office and at school

The first thing that masseurs do is they warm the chocolate before using it during the massage. Massage therapists sometimes incorporate warmed massage oil to thin the chocolate.

In massage parlors or spas, customers are given the option to choose which procedure they want to have, like chocolate facials, body wrap or complete chocolate massage package.

In the chocolate facials, masseurs place thin coat of chocolate on the face before massaging. This procedure is known to plump the skin, to erase lines in the skin and to make the skin look younger.

In chocolate body wrap, massage therapists use dark chocolate oil in massaging the body. They wrap the body with foil to allow the properties of chocolate to seep into the skin.

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